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Component Library Build, Schematic Capture, Board Layout, and Output Files – we offer these services in Altium Designer.

Our Services

Component Library Development

The first step in preparing for schematic capture is creating a library or libraries of the components used in the design. This content comes from your provided bill of materials (BOM) or we can extract it from your design.

Schematic Capture

Schematic capture is the processes of putting your circuit design into Altium. Getting your design into the schematic tool correctly is important as it directly drives the layout.

PCB Layout

Your schematic will be converted into a physical layout by our certified interconnect designers. We will take into account electrical design rules, the mechanical design, and the capabilities of the supplier you plan to use for fabrication.

Reverse Engineering

Do you have a circuit board that you need to duplicate or modify? Don’t have the original files or artwork? If you can provide us an existing board we can extract the design.

Design Modifications

Is your project already in Altium?
We can make changes to your existing design.

Engineering Services

Need some help getting your design ready for layout? Add an Electrical Engineer to your team to speed up the design process and relieve your workload. Schedule a meeting to discuss how we can help.

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1. Schedule a Call

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2. Take Notes

Send us your design details, notes, bill of materials, mechanical design details. We can provide pricing, scope and time frame for completing the project.

3. Project Execution

Sit back and relax or continue working on your other projects while we take care of your design.

4. Review & Delivery

Before final delivery we’ll have a design review and make final edits prior to delivery of output files.

Customers Testimonials

We have worked with P5 Electronics for a few years, and we have been very impressed with their fast turn around times and high quality of work. Their work has saved time for our design engineers by providing clean and well organized layouts for our circuit designs. I would highly recommend them.
Jon Cole
Engineering Manager
P5 Electronics is run by a couple of the best people in the industry. If you are looking for a company that is grounded in ethics, talent, & flexibility look no further than P5 Electronics.
Justin P
Electrical Engineer
P5 Electronics has been our PCB vendor of choice over the last few years. We have done multiple successful first pass prototypes using a variety of technologies, together: Spartan 6 - routed 4 FPGA's connected via their GTP SERDES transceivers - including PCIe, Programmable POL power supplies - DC/DC programmable switching power supply designs, Large-scale digital and analog IO, and many more. I highly recommend the team at P5.
Electrical Engineer